To reward and to foster customer loyalty

Take care of your customers with your customized customer card

Fidelity must always be rewarded!

Because your customers are unique, offer them your customized customer card with your corporate identity.

A customer data encoding screen coupled with a card printer will allow you to directly issue your customer cards without additional fees or delivery time.
It's up to you to decide what you want to offer with the accumulated customer points: discount, gift certificate ... make their day!

Azur Card
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As an innovative company, Sita Software has designed an entire ecosystem around its ERP Azur to meet your needs.

Playlist picture

Azur Playlist

The dynamic customer display for your special offers: the playlist of your choice in the store and according to the purchases at the checkout.

Azur Ticket picture

Azur Web

Improve your customer service or project tracking with Azur Web. View the progress of your teams in real time on the Internet.


Azur Traceability picture

Azur Traçabilité

In full compliance with European standards, data from the origin of your products up on your ticket or the label of your pre-pack.

Sita Software Cloud picture

Azur Connect'

Remote connection that reduces your IT expenses, and allows you to work safely from anywhere in the world 24/7.

Azur CMS picture


The tool that will enable you to showcase your products and services. Coupled with Azur, you can effortlessly sell online with our eBusiness Module.


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